Doks — Documentation Ghost theme


Everything you need to create beautiful and modern documentation, knowledge bases, and help centers.

What you can do with this theme:

  • Create one or multiple pieces of documentation (e.g. Docs, Guides, FAQs, API, ...)

  • Organize each documentation into sections (e.g. Getting Started, Accounts, ...)

  • Easily create a changelog timeline to share new  updates of your service or product

  • Group your regular blog post into a minimal and clean archive

  • Create a roadmap to outline your goals, milestones, priorities, and progress.

  • Create a showcase to display large and eye-catching visuals

  • Optionally, create a landing page managed from the admin UI with no coding required

  • Create rich content with tables, highlighted code blocks, nested lists, and more

— Includes 6 months support

— Supports Ghost 5.54.1 or later

Payments are secure and encrypted